Using recycled timber making furniture | 2nd Chance tables

Reclaimed Messmate

A Eucalyptus species grown on Australia’s’ East coast, Messmate was used commonly in factory and larger building construction up until mid-way through last century. Fantastic gum veining and grain character makes it a popular choice when creating reclaimed furniture. It’s durable AND usable outdoors.

Recycled Hardwood Flooring

Most often Victorian Ash (sometimes touted as Tasmanian Oak) recycled floorboards are often discarded during renovations or continue to just be covered up by carpet in some cases! We love them however, and when treated just right they can be transformed into the perfect paneling for custom joinery and cabinetry projects.

Reclaimed Oregon Beams

Oregon tends to be shunned in the recycled furniture world due to technically being a softwood and potentially having an orange color. The oregon we use, however has always had a fantastic history as some enormous beam in some enormous building from way back when! The use of sandblasting can really give it a heavy texture and a wonderful rustic feel. Perfect for that long banquet table!