Recycled Timber Dining Tables | 2nd Chance tables

Working with recycled and reclaimed timber was the reason 2nd Chance came into existence. We loved what we saw after all the dirt and nails had been striped away and the timber had been given some much needed TLC.

Often times clients will actually have salvages timbers from their homes or from a place of significance that they’d like us to use in making their dining table. We’re always happy to oblige as we absolutely love to know directly where the timbers have come from.

We can create extension dining tables using either recycled timber of new sustainably grown timber. An extension table is a great way to entertain friends or family and then have a compact piece to accommodate a smaller living space.

Each of our dining tables is handcrafted especially for each client. We measure, design and build to meet their particular needs and home or office space requirements. We like to involve clients heavily in the design process, using their ideas and visions toย help create a desired piece that they can enjoy for a lifetime.

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