Custom furniture | Dining tables | Recycled timber


We make custom timber dining tables to suit any space and style.

Cabinets and Joinery

We can hand-craft and custom timber cabinets required to suit your needs.

Restaurants & Cafes

From budget friendly restaurant furniture to the exotic and unique, designed for you!

What we can do for you?

We’re a Melbourne based furniture maker operating from our Northcote workshop. From there we create custom furniture including dining tables, sideboards, coffee tables, buffets and…well anything that can be crafted by hand really.

IOur years of experience allow us to create the perfect piece for your space. Choose a dining table or cabinet from our range and have it custom made in the style and size you need, or work with us to create completely unique furniture that reflects your style. We can walk you through the design process, from your initial ideas through to working drawings, timber selection and production, we’re here to help!

 Our materials are varied and we can help you choose the timber that’s right for you. From recycled Australian hardwoods to sustainably grown Aussie and imported timbers, we’re sure to find a fit!

“In life many strive to be unique; to be bold and standout from the masses. At 2nd Chance Tables, we adore your individuality & create custom pieces just for you as life’s too short not to be noticed”

Our Passion

“I love the idea that each piece we create is unique. Although we will make many of pieces of furniture within my lifetime, no two will ever be the same. The distinct and individual markings add personality to ordinary pieces of furniture. And I love the idea that the tables and furniture we make will often be the centre piece of gatherings, where family and friends will come together to share the special moments of their lives.” Chris Booth founder of 2nd Chance Tables.